Origin: Belgium

Genre: Pop, deep pop

Years Active: 2017- Present

Influences: Tove Lo, Charli XCX, Dua Lipa, Lana Del Rey


Sania is the moniker of pop singer, songwriter and producer, Sarah Van Oostveldt.

She graduated at PXL Music College in 2014 and participated in Humo's Rock Rally 2018, Maanrockrally 2018 and Jonge Wolven 2018.

At a very young age she started writing songs and she describes her music as ‘Elektronic pop music with straightforward lyrics’.

He voice sounds laidback like Lana Del Rey and lyrical she is straightforward like Charli XCX.

Her music contains elements from Dark Pop, Punk and Dancepop.

"Electro pop mixed with contemporary R’nB." - Luminous Dash (BE)

"Completely self-made music artist Sania made the leap implementing her ideas into songs. Debut "Own Way" is melodically sound, showing potential & promise." EQ Music Blog (UK)

"...seeing her playing a synthesiser in her music video unleashed a thrill of excitement in me." - EQ Music Blog (UK)

"That’s what I love most about the single is the multi-faceted message behind it and made up with its catchy hook and trendy style." - Buzz Music (US)



Fresh sweet melancholy: Sania’s debut single ‘Own Way’.


On November 15th of 2018, the indie pop singer, songwriter and producer, Sania, releases her first single. A life’s lesson that has a ring to it.

When life gives you lemons…           

…make lemonade. Over the past few years, Sania has had a hard time in the music business. But these experiences didn’t get her down, in stead she put all that life experience into a song. She sings about self-empowerment and breaking loose from her comfortzone. The message she wants to carry out is very clear: When you’re stuck in a bad situation, stand up, believe in yourself and have the courage to change it for the better!

Invigorating indie pop           

With her laid back voice, Sania looks back at the past. Indulgent, that’s how ‘Own Way’ sounds in the beginning. But it then explodes into an electronic cocktail of fresh sounding synths and impelling beats. A reflection of her leap into the unknown, where she is her own songwriter, producer and manager.

More to come!

Good news: the debut single comes along with a music video where you can watch the purple haired, strong girl in action.

‘Own Way’ is the first of a series of new releases to come in 2019. Bam!

TOUR updated on December 31th '18

Humo's Rock Rally, Antwerp                                        -  27th of January '18

Music For Houses, Zemst                                            -  17th of February '18

JH Kroenkel, Nijlen                                                      -  2nd of April '18

Voorronde Maanrockrally, Mechelen                           -  7th of April '18

Road To Graauwrock, Hulst                                        -   9th of May '18

Pulptuur Festival, Kapellen                                         -   1st of July '18

Recht Voor De Raap Festival, Sint-Niklaas                -   14th of July '18

Finale Jonge Wolven 2018                                         -    20th of July '18

Retranchement Festival, Cadzand                              -  19th of August '18

JH Wollewei, Turnhout                                                -   30th of August '18

Café De Vorstin, Hilversum                                         -  30th of September '18


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